Introducing Impulse Gaming Female Line Up

Fri 10th Feb 2017 - 9:08pm

We're proud to announce that after a long period of trials, we have a complete roster for our female lineup.

The players featured in the team are:
Susanne "Suzilag0" Eriksson - Sweden
Jessica "Persican" Sandborg - Sweden
Daniela "Jupiter" Grad - United Kingdom
Alina "ahliina" Ketelaar - Germany
Sasha "sashcx" Forrester - United Kingdom

The team will be coached by Callum "Caspian" Brawn, who has vast experience as an in-game leader, placing up to 7th/8th at iseries and leading NerdRage to ESEA Main.

Most of the team are relatively new to competitive cs, but have a great attitude toward the game and the improvement of the team.
Each member of the team has been playing CSGO for around 2-3 years. Suzilag0 is the team captain and in-game leader, Persican is 2nd entry and rifler, Jupiter the lurker, ahliina is the support for the team and sashcx will be picking up the awp.

This is the first venture into female e-sports for the organisation, and we have every faith that the girls will make it a successful one.
We believe with the backing of Caspian that the team will be soon be competing at a top level in Europe, and we hope to see them making their first appearance at Copenhagen Games this April.

Written by James "wAVE" Dunn



Lewis James

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  • A strong line up I see today but you need some practice as well because without practice you and your team are nothing. All the best for your all upcoming matches and events.
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