Epic 18 - Final Standings

Mon 20th Jun 2016 - 11:42pm Gaming

Kinguin - CS:GO Skins 728x90

epicEIGHTEEN final standings


Place Team Roster Seed
1st Rasta Gaming robiin, kryptix, CRUC1AL, mole, aaron 1st
2nd Perilous Gaming  SpeedyG, ALIG, ZEO, Sliggy, MiGHTYMAX 5th
3rd Team Infused  Redsnk, Joee, dream, Roma, Jenko8  2nd
4th uFrag  adamxoxo, JT, Esio, Jak3y, Powell 4th
5th-6th Molotovs N Marshmallows  fearLess, Berty, EB, chronic, maxyB 3rd
5th-6th exceL eSports  GhosT, EMPEROR, KoRaL, Outy, calv1n 7th
7th-8th playhackz cookeh, HoodluM, dUdley, archer, m1tch 6th
7th-8th Impulse Gaming White wave, nukeddog, kplus, wafu, bmagic, xpecx  N/A
9th-12th  Exertus eSports  doxcs, Rexplite, Edgarz, m1thy, redgar N/A
9th-12th RødGrødMFløde  Jacky, alexsomfan, thamlike, jzprG, Ruuulz N/A
9th-12th Odin eSports  MontSta, 5haBo, Kai, Dm_God, ShadowmaN N/A
9th-12th Limitless Nation  KEHZUH, oakmerch, Koagu, Hawkins, Synzo N/A
13th-16th Old Dirty Badgers  GabrieL, Ollz, Vicious, Elk, LynXeh N/A
13th-16th VATIC  PEZ, K1NDEADLY, Pommey, RIXJ-, h0rsey  8th
13th-16th  Bizzle  kallehlol, Ibbsy, BreaK, MESA, Reverential N/A
13th-16th Devine eSports  paraAsite, Trials, l0renzo, Daffernn, SDK N/A
























Lewis James

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