Impulse Gaming Sweden

Thu 20th Oct 2016 - 4:14am Gaming

The new Impulse Gaming Sweden Line Up featuring - 

- Lewis "xpecx" James -
- Marcus "ItzDaKms" Schwartz -
- William "Brissman" Brissman -
- Tim "spuffy" Thunberg -
- Felix ''f.A'' Andersson -

This line up took some time to put together consiting of 4 swedish players and 1 british! 

A statment from the team after their announcment the other day through twitter - 

"We are all looking forward to working together as a team. We have played for a while before we were officially announced and all seem to have good attitude towards the eSport and should be able to grow together as a team and get better. We intend to attend LAN's and compete in qualifiers for the foreseeable future."




Lewis James

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