Insomnia 59

Fri 23rd Dec 2016 - 5:36pm Gaming

 Insomnia 59 was a great winter LAN and a great final outcome, with a few bumps in the road during the proccess and an interesting group stage where we ended up in a 3 way tie before moving on to a new competitive format designed for the event, and having to build a computer in a dark LAN hall because one got destroyed on the plane it was definitely full of excitement.

Our Line Up consited of Players: 

Jon "Cynic16n" Burvill
Sam "Samwell" Reynolds
Liam "LiamS" Scotter
Josh "JDD" Denham
Ralfs "Worsty" Abols

Final Standings

Pos Team Name Prize Money
1st fm-eSports (1/2) nEiLZiNHo, robiin, Puls3, Jenko, stan1ey £2,500
2nd Team Endpoint (1/2) Immi, MightyMAX, Esio, Jesp, Luzuh £1,000
3rd Team CeX (4)Resu, Thomas, CINDER, smooya, Brody £600
4th CAZ eSports (3) jakem, Weber, Kryptix, ozzy, MCK £300
5th – 6th Team XENEX (5) Shaney, pickles, Danceyzx, JT, Peggyyyy £150
5th – 6th Impulse Gaming (14) JDD, CynicJon, Liams, Samwell, worstyy £150
7th – 8th Dragon Esports (10) kpiz, jack, tesquo, mystylez, neph £150
7th – 8th London Lynx  (7) Majorleemessedup, Trouble, Snakey, AhB, Isaac £150
Pos Team Name Prize Money
9th – 12th Bulldog eSports (8) skuxz, bmagic, kplus, nukeddog, wafu N/A
9th – 12th Team Giving It (12) Boaster, cybah, Zeo, jadamm, logzii N/A
9th – 12th Team uFrag (6) adamxoxo, Pommey, Kray, HypeIzBack, domm N/A
9th – 12th Dog Gaming (9) quiver, ashhh, debaser, luster, Yoshi N/A
13th – 14th HG.Red (16) Hatton, tamsteR, Woi, Ruleh, ShaunSki N/A
13th – 14th Odin Esports (11) MontSta^, Jack, DM_God, 5haBo, ShadowmaN N/A

Finishing 5th/6th was a great achivement and will be continueing to compete in the UK! 



Lewis James

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