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Fri 3rd Mar 2017 - 6:12pm Gaming

Changes At Impulse Gaming!

So as we all know their has been a number of changes here at impulse. These include the situation with the UK team ultimetly leading to us haveing to make some serious changes to the team which were not expected & with the Swedish team splitting up left us with our Female team, Estonian team and a broken UK team. With all this in mind we started looking through numerous emails from teams and players and decided on some new changes which have been brought into place so that we can continue.

It has become time for changes to be made to the UK CSGO team at Impulse Gaming as Samwells position with little information coming back from faceit, JammyJames stepping back for a while to see out his education and Nukkye moving to another team which offered him a more stable opportunity at this point within the scene left us with Ray1 and Cynic. at this point Cynic is unsure if he is going to continue to play on or just enjoy common life, tho we hope he does continue, were as Ray1 was determined to continue playing on and not allow the upset to effect him with this situation in effect Ray1 started to compete in ESEA with other UK players. With the results clearly achieved during this time we decided to take the 4 other players on board to rebuild the team.

--Impulse Gaming UK--

- Alfie "Ray1" Scott

- Jakub "Rybak" Michalek

- Oliver "Oli" Calthorpe

- Jesse "BluRRyy" chorley

- Tom "Nexio" Cheetham

Alfie "Ray1" Scott had this to say about recent events:
"After Epic.Lan team morale was low and people were very demotivated to play and decided to take breaks so I went about finding some new team-mates to fill the lost spots. As a result I found Nexio, BluRRy and Oli who are were the core three of another line-up and brought them into the impulse line-up. I am very confident about the team and the players abilities to game at the top of ukcsgo and going forward I think some of the names people are unfamiliar with will get their chance to show off in the spotlight where they belong"

These guys are currently competing in ESEA Open United Kingdom running at 9 - 0 in the current season we hope to see the jump to main for the beginning of next season aswell as be present at the coming Insomnia 60.

Lewis "xpecx" James had this to say:
"With the recent events causing an upset in the UK team this acted as a bit of a set back however by no means the end of the world. I would like to say im really happy with how all of the players performed during their time in the organisation and look forward to possibly working with them in the future again as from a personal point of view they were some of the best people I have ever worked with. We will continue to have a presence in the UK scene and I believe that with the proper conditions and training that these players will be more than capable of competing at the top.
Thank You"

We will still be present in UKGT with the previous line-up members until it has finished.



Lewis James

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