Insomnia 57 Final Standings

Mon 28th Mar 2016 - 11:59pm Gaming

Kinguin - CS:GO Skins 160x600

       Final Standings

Pos Team Name Prize Money
1st  Rasta.Infused(3) £2,500
2nd  Team Pride (1) £1,000
3rd  fm-eSports (2) £600
4th  Molotovs n Marshmallows (8) £300
5th – 6th  nerdRage.Pro (4) £150
5th – 6th  Perilous.CSGOSPHERE (7) £150
7th – 8th  Ionic £150
7th – 8th Pick N Mix £150
Pos Team Name Prize Money
9th – 12th uFrag (5) N/A
9th – 12th Team CeX (6) N/A
9th – 12th Perilous.Fury (13) N/A
9th – 12th Monumentalis (9) N/A
13th – 16th Impulse Gaming UK (16) N/A
13th – 16th Mini Kiev Krew (12) N/A
13th – 16th Rasta.KO (15) N/A
13th – 16th Team XENEX (14) N/A

                *Please Note: Seeding’s are shown in brackets










Lewis James

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