Kinguin's mission is to provide sellers and buyers from all around the world the possibility to trade video games at a fair price with no hassle through an innovative platform.

Since its launch in early 2013, Kinguin has quickly become the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin and Battle.net with over 4 million loving customers.

To ensure maximum satisfaction, customers enjoy the benefit of our optional Buyer Protection Program with a 30 day money back guarantee. Additionally a very competent customer support team takes care of any issue through instant live chat.



Gamers Apparel is a custom clothing & accessories company for gaming organisations, companies and personalities.

The Mission is to provide the world with the best quality products at the best prices!



UnknownPlus Hosts a free to use 400 user TeamSpeak server available for public use, as well as private servers for our partners. Ranked teams, groups, and duo partners are all welcome. We provide permanent password protected channels for all members.

All users are furnished with badges depicting their skill level, the servers they play on, the roles they play and the teams they support. For players looking for a duo partner or ranked team, we're the place to be, having easily visible ranks and servers as well as dedicated rooms for those looking for teams.

We have an active friendly team of staff who are always willing to help out all users at all times, whether that's with assigning of icons, creating a channel, or dealing with trolls, we believe that a well moderated server provides a fantastic experience for our users.

We run game and TeamSpeak severs because we enjoy to play and chat! We want to create a place where people can come and have fun without finding the trolls that so often appear on the internet. As such we believe in well moderated servers, with rules designed to exclude only those who find enjoyment at the expense of others. 



Katana is a strategy-builder and viewer app for CS:GO!!!

Players of all levels can create their own strategies, share them with teammates, build a better team and subscribe to pre-made strats.