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  • KKronos

    Michael Rey

    My name is Michael Rey and I'm from Switzerland Im also known as KKronos and I compete in Call of Duty for now 6 years. Also pretty known in Germany after playing 1 year ( 5 events ) for one of the biggest German org. I played most of my carrier for NA Professional organisations and Im proud to be 3x German Champion. Now I decided to take some great but not known players to put them on the top of the scene. Stay tuned and lets see how it goes !...Read More

  • Kuruma

    allan balard

    My name is Allan , Im from france and Im playing competitive Call of Duty for now 3 years. What I love in the game is to try to reach the top and be the best ! Thats why I'll allways be focus in game to beat the best player on the scene !...Read More

  • prazzxl

    Hello my name is Jérémie and I play competitive Call of Duty for now 2 years. I played 3 events and never placed worse than T4 . To be explicit , I just want to be on the top of this scene....Read More

  • ZayronCOD

    David Fabioni

    French player on call of duty since 2009 with a total of 12 organization counting 3 top in france . At Impulse Pro for our future big offline and online projects in the coming months and to be on the front of the scene together...Read More