CS:GO - Impulse Academy

CS:GO - Impulse Academy
  • Th0usT

    John Costa

    Hey, my name is John but I go by the name Th0usT in-game, I am the IGL and the Team Captain for Impulse Gamings Academy team, I aspire to be the very best I can whilst making my team the very best they can be, therefore I prefer IGLing, in my free time I love to play guitar and hang out with friends....Read More

  • Entz


    My name is Edgaras I'm from Lithuania however I'm currently living in the UK. My in-game name is Entz but most people refer to me by Ed. I'm currently a player for Impulse Gaming Academy CS:GO team as the rifler. ...Read More

  • ozura

    Immanuel Nachbauer

    My name is Immanuel I'm from Germany and I'm also known as ozura and i compete in CS:GO, I've been in some teams and went to a few local lans with friends....Read More

  • D4RK

    Damian Kulig

    Hello my name is Damian I was born in Poland but lived in UK majority of my life and I am 17 years old.I have always been into playing games and always had something for CS don't really play any other game but CS GO currently I've been to Katowice 2016,2017 hope to compete in lans in the future....Read More