CS:GO - Impulse Gaming Japan

CS:GO - Impulse Gaming Japan
  • EROC

    Kazuki Nakatani

    My name is Kazuki i'm from the Japan , im also known as EROC i compete in CS:GO....Read More

  • flax

    Takumi Harada

    Hi,I'm flax. I'm 18 years old player from Japan. I started playing CS when I was 15 years old.I'm aggressively player.I want to be like no other player in the world can.And also My goal is to be major champion.I'll do anything to achieve the goal and I'm going to give it everything I've got.(Rifler,Entry Flagger)...Read More

  • Quina

    Masato Sugiura

    I'm Quina. I'm from JP. I'm 16 year old player. I want to do my best....Read More

  • xpecx

    Lewis James

    Hey i'm xpecx Owner & CEO of Impulse Gaming and i am from the United Kingdom. CS:S was my first game in the series however at the time played Call Of Duty Professionally and now have moved on to competing in CS:GO and Managing CS:GO. At impulse Gaming I work with my staff team all year round to assure that everything is running smoothly, most my work is done on the technical side alongside managing our eSports teams. I also travel around the world attending events promoting and competing....Read More

  • Zebry

    Ryousuke Maeda

    My name is Ryousuke Maeda. I'm from japan. I'm not good at clutch....Read More