CSGO - Impulse Gaming Korea

CSGO - Impulse Gaming Korea
  • Stax

    Kim Gu Taek

    Hello , My name is Gu Taek Kim i'm from the Republic of Korea , I use the in-game nickname is stax. I play game is Counter-Strike:Global Offensive , and my Role is Rifler,AWPer...Read More

  • Blame

    Lee Dogyu

    My name is Lee Dogyu i'm from republic of korea (south korea) i'm also known as Heart and i compete in CS:GO...Read More

  • meow

    Ji DJ

    Hello my name is Dong Jun Ji (DJ) im from South Korea and i compete in CS:GO. currently Im the manager of team Impulse Korea. My experience in csgo is mostly playing for team gehenna. ...Read More