CS:GO - Impulse Gaming UK

CS:GO - Impulse Gaming UK
  • raY1

    Alfie Scott

    My name is Alfie Ray Scott and I'm 17 residing in the UK. I've been playing CSGO for over two years now and playing competitively for 1 year. I'm on my computer every chance I get and always trying to improve. (Entry Fragger/Rifle)...Read More

  • Rybak

    Jakub Michalek

    Hi my name is Jakub, I am 19 years old and originally form Poland however I live in the UK. I have played this game for roughly 3-4 years with short breaks, my in game role would be support and secondary awper, however I am versatile and can fit most roles....Read More

  • blurryycs

    Jesse Chorley Chorley

    My name is Jesse aka BluRRyy. I am a 16 Year old player from the United Kingdom. I am currently playing for Impulse Gaming UK CSGO team. Currently captain of the team I will be looking to take the team forward through 2017 and make sure we succeed online and offline....Read More

  • oli

    Oliver Calthorpe

    18 from United Kingdom, my alias in game is oli I play for Impulse Gaming UK CS:GO team. Looking forward to the future with Impulse....Read More

  • Kryzih

    Kory Da Rocha-Hitt

    ...Read More

  • xpecx

    Lewis James

    Hey i'm xpecx Owner & CEO of Impulse Gaming and i am from the United Kingdom. CS:S was my first game in the series however at the time played Call Of Duty Professionally and now have moved on to competing in CS:GO and Managing CS:GO. At impulse Gaming I work with my staff team all year round to assure that everything is running smoothly, most my work is done on the technical side alongside managing our eSports teams. I also travel around the world attending events promoting and competing....Read More