• WolfieeHS

    James Stevens

    I am 22 years of age and living in the united kingdom, i play hearthstone, overwatch and csgo i mainly play hearthstone but do enjoy a variety of games, i have played in many teams across platforms and games as a whole and have also run my own teams and organizations, i have played in a few hearthstone opens and finished in 3rd place and 4th place and one bad result of 20th out of 24 contestants, my in game name used to be Alphawolf but recently changed it to Wolfiee and have stuck with it until now....Read More

  • m0rse

    Matias Peterson

    My name is Matias Peterson aka "m0rse". I'm 17 year old and from Norway. I do management for the organisation, primarilly for the Hearthstone team. I've played and had experience with teams in several games and I've used games as a form to bond with old and new friends. Recently I've found a new love for games, and that is working with the people who make the community behind them great....Read More