• xpecx

    Lewis James

    Hey i'm xpecx Owner & CEO of Impulse Gaming and i am from the United Kingdom. CS:S was my first game in the series however at the time played Call Of Duty Professionally and now have moved on to competing in CS:GO and Managing CS:GO. At impulse Gaming I work with my staff team all year round to assure that everything is running smoothly, most my work is done on the technical side alongside managing our eSports teams. I also travel around the world attending events promoting and competing....Read More

  • Judd

    Matt Judd

    Hey I'm Judd, General Manager of Impulse Gaming, im from Dorset, United Kingdom. I've grown up playing many different competitive games, I now spend most of my free time playing CSGO or Dota 2. I have attended GamesCom 2015, DreamHack London 2015, i57 Insomnia and i58 Insomnia....Read More

  • Kickball

    Edward Dickson

    Kickball is the Founder and CEO of UnknownPlus. He created UnknownPlus over 3 years ago with the goal of creating a welcoming and popular TeamSpeak server with a focus on League of Legends. After the popularity of the TeamSpeak server he has worked to plan out expansions for the company. He manages the company vision and ensures that it is going in the right direction strategically. He also ensures that company policy is as it should be and that the management staff are fulfilling their roles within the company. He enjoys learning, problem solving and challenges. At Impulse Gaming he works as one of the Directors and sorts resource distribution from UnknownPlus to sister organisation Impulse Gaming....Read More

  • AndyR207

    Andrew Rylatt

    I'm a SysAdmin. I do things with servers, sometimes I write programs. Generally pretty busy....Read More

  • Paddy

    Patrick Vincent

    Paddy is the COO of UnknowPlus and Impulse Gaming, I am a member of the Impulse Gaming Network, I run UPL and if I think of anything else I'll put it here. Also, did you hear the cake wasn't a lie? I know, shocking. Derp out....Read More

  • Sirdrake

    Bradley Drake

    I work with the staff team at both events and online on projects and with social media along side our sponsors....Read More

  • Jack

    Rigo Saage

    My name is Rigo "Jack" Saage, I am a 21 year old guy from Estonia and I am the team manager for CS:GO Impulse Gaming Estonia team. I've been playing CS since 2004. Was playing COD 4 competitively before I turned towards CS competitive scene....Read More

  • Shibi

    Kevin Olli

    Hi, my name is Kevin, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Sweden. I'm one of the executives here on Impulse! I'm also competing in CSGO, I've done it since 2015, my journy in CS started in 2003 when i first tried 1.6 and i loved it back then and still loves it, I've played in different teams and attended to many different lans in Sweden. My biggest achievement is Wallhack 2014 (My first lan which we got into second place) and won a trophy....Read More

  • Noobillicious

    Benjamin Griffith

    Hi, I'm Ben. I am Impulse Gaming's chief financial officer, meaning I manage all organisation accounts and finances. Currently studying a BSc in Economics, I have done numerous accounting and microeconomics modules to ensure I am qualified for the job. In terms of gaming, I used to be a hardcore CS:CZ and 1.6 player and moved to CS:GO in 2015 (but I'm not as good as these guys)....Read More

  • ItzDaKms

    Marcus Schwartz

    Hello my name is Marcus i'm from Sweden also known as ItzDaKms and I'm the team captain of the Swedish CS:GO team, alongside that i'm part of the Impulse Staff team working with video editing for the organisation. I started playing CS:GO for about 3 years ago and i've been working with video editing for about 5 years from time to time....Read More

  • Hexd0m

    Tom Reakes

    Hello my name is Tom but people call me Hexd0m. I am appart of Impulse Gaming's graphic design team if you need to get hold of me i am on TS.  ...Read More


    Jim Andersson Mann

    IT and Esport passionate since for as long as ever. From Stockholm,Sweden....Read More

  • Asherah

    Jack Joyce

    ...Read More

  • unique

    Sandra Daníels

    ...Read More