Overwatch - Impulse Gaming PRO

Overwatch - Impulse Gaming PRO
  • Hööken

    Lucas Hedlund

    My name is Lucas Hedlund and i'm from Sweden, im also known as Heddan/Hööken and im a former cs player. I played cs on a semi-professional level. But decided to leave it there and try new things. Now im a semi-professional overwatch player. ...Read More

  • LightYearsAhead

    Kim Lillemoen

    My name is Kim, also known as Light or LightYearsAhead. I'm a former semi-professional CoD and Battlefield player. I have a huge passion for e-sport, mostly cs:go, Dota2 and Overwatch. Hoping to get some dreams come true with Overwatch as the only game I play right now....Read More

  • GrindK1nG

    Victor Moscova

    How old are you?: 16 years old...Where do you live?: Sweden...Whats your favorite game?: Overwatch... I am a very game focused guy I like to compete and develop as a player, when I go all the way for a game then I do it really then I bet all in, my dream is of course to be a professional and it will be fulfilled...Read More